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Core Web Networks- Taking SMS to the Next Level

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“SMS has become the modern pigeon of communication”. SMS or the short messaging service is the new medium of communicating. Here the message is transmitted to the target via mobile phones. Here the standardized communications protocols are incorporated to enable cell phone devices to exchange the short text messages.

The main goal of SMS marketing is to build a database of subscribers in order to increase the customer loyalty. When the organization wants to implement close range marketing tactics, text messages are the most ideal medium of informing people within the vicinity    of immediate offers without using push notification applications.

SMS have emerged as the most powerful marketing tool because of its cost effectiveness, high open rate and quick transmission. Organizations have resorted to this medium of transmitting messages success and conversion rate is high as compared to email and other marketing strategies.

Core Web Networks has given new dimension to the SMS marketing. It has in fact catapulted the marketing grandeur to a newer level. In fact the company has opened new vistas for mass communication in the arena.

With the help of bulk SMS marketing, the company enhances the popularity of the product. The online software used by the Company for delivering SMS messages enables easy targeting of the audience and is user friendly.

Robust and fine server enables to handle heavy loads and traffic with great ease thus assuring 100% delivery. Sending SMS is the perfect way to be in touch with the clients and when you are in the minds of the client, you are in their books. And sending bulk SMS message is the easiest way to reach people without putting any burden in the pockets.

sms marketing

Understanding the importance of bulk SMS in the marketing world, Core Web networks has started up with their own online software for this service. In today’s cut throat competition where every organization struggles to find the place in the mind of the customer, with state of art bulk SMS policy the company assures that one will find place in the mobile inbox.

Core Web Networks has taken SMS to the next level by offering following benefits to the clients:

  • Instant communication: The SMS messages are delivered instantly with 100% delivery rate. This means each and every target person receives the message within short time period. Core web Network have with them powerful server that can handle huge amount of traffic easily thus enabling easy delivery of the message.
  • The client can manage the phone book and address with great ease.
  • Every message is scheduled on the basis of time and rate with great accuracy.
  • The client is availed with the facility of API edge with which one can put together the apps easily.
  • Also one can get the capacity of making outright sell of the own SMS credits to other consumers.
  • The advantage of availing the web based software program that will ultimately enhance your performance.
  • Constant and unfailing support

    SMS marketing Catered by Core Web Networks bears the unwavering mark of excellence that delivers measurable results. Apart from quality services, every service is updated in such a manner that it catches up with the latest trend of the market.

    SMS marketing campaign is in fact rejuvenated to new level. Thanks to ideas and strategies of Core Web Networks.

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