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Some Effective Marketing Since 1999 Till Now


Marketing has gone a tremendous change in the current scenario. From print marketing to online marketing, the entire set up has catapulted to a whole new level. The vital question that enters everyone’s mind is that why there should be effective marketing strategy. Marketing as a whole is the important point in the chain of business. What is produced has to be marketed and for good marketing one must resort to effective marketing strategies. Past fifteen years has witnessed tremendous change in the technology that has affected greatly on how things have to be handled not only in office but also has given new whole look and dimension to the whole world of marketing. The modern marketing set up has made the exposure better and more accessible as compared to early era of marketing.

Few points that puts light on marketing evolution from 1999 to current date:

  • Print Flyers : The year 1999 has been the year of print media where marketing was done mainly in print form. There were loads of angles of print media through which marketing was done viz. newspaper, pamphlets, boards, mail press releases etc. It was the time when marketers would print flyersand post them on grocery stores, power poles and other areas that are more likely to catch the attention of the target audience. Some print outs were also made to reach the customers via door to door delivery. Even today smart marketers are make use of this technique mainly because they provide the tangible take – away and there are pretty less chances that these may be ignored by the targets. Moreover such print outs are more likely to be held as the reminder or memento.
  • Yellow pages: The late nineties and earlier twenties saw the emergence of Yellow pages as the best marketing platform. It is nothing but the book that is full of advertisements that are paid and posted by the advertiser. However ads in yellow pages come with heavy pricetags.
  • Telemarketing: This aspect ruled the marketing scenario decades ago and is still in operation. It is nothing but marketing of goods to potential or unsolicited customers via telephone. This concept was enjoyed and approved by the customers who got to know the complete details of the products just by sitting at one place. Yes, even there was email marketing at that time but at the infant stage where only few people had their email accounts.telemarketing.jpg
  • Bill boards: This was another option of marketing. It got huge approvals as it has mass appeal as every day consumers see dozens of bill boards and are tempted to read the message given in it. If placed strategically advertising on bill boards can put the business, brand or campaign directly in the path of the target audience. Today tech savvy advertising will have messages featured on digital billboards and signs. Bill boards have history of capturing the attention of the target audience as the part of internet traffic with display ads, banner ads and paid search ad placement.Bill boards
  • Catalogs: Catalogs worked in 1999 and they still work today. Such print catalogs had the tendency to generate direct sales and also to help drive people into stores and motivate them to make online purchases. This medium can also be used to create brand awareness and impact consumer’s brand perception and also drive web traffic. catalog clothing fashion online women
  • Paid media placements: Full color ads in newspapers, magazines, radio and television take large part of the marketing budget and yet reliable and effective. Though costly paid media is the most effective form of marketing as it has great impact on brand awareness, consumer perceptions and has the capacity to drive and retain huge web traffic. Today one has loads of smaller budget opportunities that were not available earlier.  Print media placement
  • Corporate Brochures: They are effective tool as today’s customers are resorting to online buying it is vital for the business to have corporate brochures in their site. Image title
  • Networking and trade shows: Networking has always been effective tool as people preferred to do business with whom they felt comfortable and had trust. So marketers find out options that will be most effective in building their business in the network. Also marketing via trade shows and conferences are used as it is platform for connecting large number of people for lower cost. Image title
  • SMS Marketing: It is the modern medium of marketing along with social media. SMS marketing is advertising of the product to the target audience via telephonic message. The short listed audience is informed about the products. It is better than email marketing as 98% of the people read the message as compared to mere 22% of the people read emails. Even click through rate of SMS marketing is more.

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