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Core Web Networks to launch affordable bulk SMS packages for small businesses

9/25/2015- Delhi. India – Looking at the increased importance of mobile communication, Core Web Networks, a leading name in business promotional companies has come up with innovative plans.

Core Web Networks has specifically designed affordable bulk messaging services for its clients from small and medium business sectors.

The number of business startups is increasing with furious pace and the best way to connect with their target audience is to find suitable ways of communication. Increased base of mobile users in the country has opened the myriad paths of success in this field. Companies now need not to rely on several mediums to connect with the targeted group. They can choose the easiest and most reliable mode of personal communication via sending messages to the phones of end users. Sending bulk messages to the target audience is the simplest way to handle challenges of communicating the central idea to the potential and actual customers of the company.

Mobile phones are turning into the most powerful medium for business to business and business to customer communications. To make sure that the intended messages are delivered to selected and relevant database of mobile numbers, companies need to hire professional bulk messaging solution providers. There are many players in this field, which are offering advanced solutions. But, finding the service provider, which can provide the best solutions in cost effective budget is still a challenge. Therefore, the launch of affordable bulk messaging services for the small scale businesses is indeed a positive step.

Representative of Core Web Networks expressed his enthusiasm on the same by saying,“Our core idea behind launching this special package is to offer support of effective communication solutions to our small scale clients. We understand communication is the key to achieve the heights of success in every business. Therefore, we have focused on designing smart solutions in every possible manner.”

Having cost effective packages available in the marketplace is believed to help businesses in establishing better communication with their customer base. Businesses with low budget can also think of giving it a try and see if mobile based communication helps them to spread word about their business to the right audience. Also, mobile communication is considered to be very much effective because it is one to one and targeted to the specific audience. Hence, wastage of resources is very limited here.

“We have currently launched SMS based services in cost effective prices. In future, we also aim to offer such packages in bulk emailing as well as bulk whatsapp solutions too. The idea is to help our clients grow and fulfill our growth objectives simultaneously”, added the company representative.

About Core Web Networks

Core Web Networks ( is a reliable name in the arena of business promotional companies. The company is based in Delhi and caters a wide base of clients with its exclusive solutions including Bulk SMS, Bulk Whatsapp, Bulk Emailing and many more. The company is focused on provided advanced communication solutions for its clients. It also aims at providing the best and cost effective communication packages to its vast client base.

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