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Apps That Help You Diffuse Information Easily

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Diffusion of information has undergone drastic change in this tech savvy world. Gone are the days when news channel, radio and press were the only source of information to the general public.

Today with the advent of internet we have umpteen numbers of platforms that renders any information in flash of seconds. Spreading of information in today’s arena is not a tedious task anymore. Thanks to state of art Apps or web applications which allow free flow of information all across the globe in no time.

Apps that have been looked upon as the source of information are:

  1. Twitter: It is the vital social networking micro blogging site that enables the registered members to broadcast small notes or blogs called tweets. Members express their views, feelings and their ideas through the blogs that are shared with other Twitter members. Here the members tweets a slice of information via tweets one hand and on the other follow they follow other user’s tweets by using multiple platforms and devices. Tweets have certain word restrictions because of twitter short message delivery system but still it has burgeoned to become the vital passage of information transmission because of its speed and great numbers of followers.
  2. Facebook: Facebook has over the years catapulted to grow in a je speed and is been accepted not only by the general public for sharing personal messages but also has been the source of information for many organization who advertise about the product and also political parties who make use of facebook page to showcase their merits and work done. Here the members can transmit any piece of information, videos and photographs that can be viewed by the friends and followers. There are instances wherein message showcased on facebook has got momentum and support of mammoth of the public in no time. Today even a small piece of social or political message uploaded in facebook do not go unnoticed.
  3. Pinterest: This is a free website that requires registration. Users can upload, sort, save and manage images via pins or via videos. This is in fact as personalized media platform which allows the users to browse the content of others on the main page. It connects the people through shared interest – their passions, hobbies, tastes and values. It aids people to discover things in easy visual manner. It is a popular social network that aids in collecting and sharing of information and other things. It acts as scrap book or bulletin board wherein the things that are accessed online can be stores for future viewing.
  4. Reddit: It is an entertainment, social networking site and news website where the registered community members can submit content like text posts, direct links thus making the platform an online bulletin board system. Here the users upload the content and decide through voting what is good and what is junk. Those links that receive maximum user approvals jump up and find place in the first place so one can witness fresh and interesting arrivals at the first page.
  5. WhatsApp: This is the most popular app that is used as the medium of transmitting information. One can find this application in almost all the mobile phones today. Here user can transmit link, information, pictures, videos to the persons who are in the contact register and also connected to whatapp. Entrepreneurs make use of this platform to advertise their products effectively. It is the easiest, cheapest and fastest mode of application to transmit any piece of information.
  6. SMS: SMS or short messaging service is oldest form of information transmission that is prevailing even today. Here there are restrictions of words and the content. Unlike other apps one cannot transmit long messages, links, videos and pictures. But still this is vital medium where information is diffused and is used by private and government organizations.

    All the aforesaid apps have redefined the channel of transmission of information as they render any piece of message and information easily all across globe and that too in no time. For more info visits:-

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